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Black Friday Sale 2017 South Africa

Black Friday Sale 2017 South Africa

Black Friday Sale 2017 South Africa

Black Friday 2017 will take place on 24 November, and many South African shops will offer specials deals and sales.

Black Friday is known for its exceptional deals and massive discounts on a wide range of products, and has become increasingly popular in South Africa in recent years.

Due to its huge success for US retailers, Black Friday has been adopted in South Africa over the past several years, with more companies taking part each year.

The shopping phenomenon will take place on November 24, 2017, followed by Cyber Monday on November 27, 2017, where a host of leading online retailers drop their prices.

Foxy Beauty - Online Shopping Site will also join in at Black Friday South Africa with up to 50% discount.  They also offer worldwide shipping.

To check out what discounts and Black Friday Deals they have go to their online store at:


Happy Black Friday Shopping SA!!

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