Cindella Whitening Set
Cindella Whitening Set
Cindella Whitening Set
Cindella Whitening Set

Cindella Whitening Set

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Unlock the Secret to Luminous Skin with Cindella Whitening Set

Discover the transformative power of the Cindella Whitening Set, your ultimate all-in-one solution for a flawless, radiant complexion. Incorporating a potent blend of ingredients, this set targets everything from wrinkles to pigment spots, ensuring a youthful and even-toned appearance.

Enhance Beauty: Luthione, Cindella & Vitamin C

The synergy of Luthione, Cindella, and Vitamin C creates an exceptional formulation that brightens, tightens, and revitalizes your skin, placing the elusive 'glass skin' within your reach.

Benefits That Shine Through:

✅ Antioxidant Rich: Packed with alpha-lipoic acid, this set provides robust antioxidant protection, combating harmful oxygen that accelerates aging.

✅ Superior Whitening: Delivers a visibly lighter complexion, reducing pigmentation, freckles, and age spots for impeccable clarity.

✅ Effective Cell Repair: Aids in healing wounds and scars while stimulating collagen production for healthier, more resilient skin.

✅ Age-Defying Magic: Smoothens fine lines, enhances blood production, and promotes firmer, lifted skin.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant, playing a crucial role in activating your body's detoxification process. It synergistically enhances the management of active oxygen within a normal range, effectively contributing to metabolic activities. This includes the breakdown of fats and acting as an appetite suppressant, thereby supporting overall health and weight management.

A-lipoic acid

Vitamin C

Vitamin C stands out as a powerful antioxidant, essential for boosting immune function and increasing resistance to infections. It plays a vital role in protecting against a diverse range of diseases and regenerating other antioxidants, particularly glutathione, often referred to as the master antioxidant. A lesser-known but significant aspect of Vitamin C is its ability to target and eliminate cancer cells when administered in high doses via intravenous infusion. Unlike conventional chemotherapy, which affects both cancerous and healthy cells, Vitamin C selectively targets only the cancer cells, sparing the healthy ones. In situations where the body faces pathogenic challenges or needs to recover from injuries or surgeries, the demand for Vitamin C rises significantly.

Vitamin C


Glutathione, a naturally occurring antioxidant, is fundamental in numerous physiological functions, such as neutralizing free radicals, aiding in detoxification, and facilitating the cellular breakdown of proteins. It has been recognized for its anti-pigmentation properties through various pathways. Glutathione plays a pivotal role in cleansing and eliminating toxins from the liver, restoring balance across all organs for optimal functionality. This contributes to enhanced immunity and promotes internal health, which is also reflected externally through a healthier appearance.


Pristine Packaging and Potent Ingredients

Composition: Integrity-packed with 25mg/ml alpha-lipoic acid (10 vials), 10g DHNP Vitamin C (10 vials), and 1200mg Luthione Glutathione (10 vials).

Storage Simplicity: No-fuss storage at room temperature. Keep it shielded from direct sunlight to preserve efficacy.

Assured Shelf Life: A generous 2 years from the manufacturing date gives you peace of mind and ample time to enjoy the benefits.

Intensive Treatment for Ultimate Elegance

Embrace the transformative 'baby face injection' treatment protocol. Administered via IV infusion over a set of 10 sessions, twice weekly, each lasting 30 minutes, the course sets the stage for an impeccable, age-defying complexion.

Contraindications and Care

As with any skin treatment, consulting with a skincare professional before use is advised. Due to its high efficacy and concentration, self-administration is not recommended.

Discover the Cindella Whitening Set today and embark on the journey to unveil the most luminous version of you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Cindella Whitening Set help with skin aging?

    • It combats wrinkles and loose skin by stimulating collagen, enhancing blood production, and supplying potent antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate skin cells.
  2. Can the Cindella Whitening Set reduce acne-related issues?

    • Yes, it suppresses the formation of acne, blemishes, and pimples while helping to minimize pores for an improved overall skin complexion.
  3. Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?

    • The Cindella Whitening Set benefits all skin types but it's crucial to seek advice from a dermatologist or skincare professional to ensure it suits your specific skin needs.
  4. How quickly can I see results from using the Cindella Whitening Set?

    • Results vary individually, but generally, with consistent treatments as prescribed, improvements can be seen within the timeframe of the treatment protocol.
  5. Where can I get the Cindella Whitening Set?

    • It's available at authorized medical and skincare clinics. Ensure you are obtaining it through certified sources to guarantee the quality and safety of the product.


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Return Policy

We are committed to providing products of exceptional quality that are designed to yield effective outcomes. Each item undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its high standards. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of these products can be influenced by various external factors, including but not limited to, individual training routines, nutritional habits, and medical conditions.

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