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Kabelline Fat Dissolver
Kabelline South Africa


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Kabelline Direct Action Lipolytic (1 x 8 ml) is a revolutionary product for face and body care. It is specifically designed to address the problem of pudgy cheeks and double chins, restoring the sharp contours of the chin and lower jawline for a more defined and attractive appearance.

The active ingredient in Kabelline is deoxycholic acid, an FDA-approved substance that is known for its ability to dissolve fat cells and improve contours.

Kabelline Direct Action Lipolytic is a lipolytic treatment that uses the naturally occurring enzyme deoxycholic acid to break down and metabolize fatty acids. When injected into subcutaneous tissue, it destroys fat cells and results in a marked decrease in tissue volume and circumference.

Kabelline is known for its non-surgical lipolysis of the chin and its ability to contour the lower jawline, providing a younger and more slender appearance of the lower face. It is also an effective solution for reducing excess body fat in other areas. The product provides immediate results and can be used effectively in areas of excessive fat accumulation.

Kabelline Direct Action Lipolytic is an effective treatment for reducing excess fat in specific areas of the body. It is specifically designed for:

  • Double chin
  • Fatigue and gravitational displacement of adipose tissue in the lower jaw area
  • Localized fat accumulation on the body

The treatment course consists of a maximum of 6 sessions with at least one week between each treatment. The maximum amount of drug that should be injected in one session is 8-10 ml. Kabelline is manufactured in South Korea.

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